On Faith and Spirituality

I watched the movie the Reluctant Fundamentalist on Christmas Eve.  It called me back to being more authentic and to realizing I am inherently a spiritual person.  To re-launch this connection with myself, I am turning to writings of Thomas Moore and Eckhart Tolle.  I feel fortunate to have known a god relationship since I was quite young.  I am challenged by not having a tangible god like I see others as having.  I also am not a joiner or a believer in the tenets of any religion.

I am going to be more open with myself and others about what I do believe in and what guides me day to day.  I have felt for quite some time that god is a form of energy.  That palpable part of the universe for me that I feel everyday.  My personal energy is what I rely on the most.  It is my gauge for happy, competent or tired and needing to recharge.  I haven’t really developed this belief in god as energy.  Obvious to me is that spirituality is shared.  So, how will I share the energy given me and be receptive to that energy flowing back from others?

I do miss one of my mentors in this area.  A practitioner of the massage and healing arts who passed away a few years ago.  I am so grateful for the time I spent with her on CranioSacral therapy.  I have been able to tangibly channel energy through my hands and realign my spirit self based on energy flow in my body.  This is one reason I strongly connect with energy as a form of spirituality.

My concerns with a traditional god is that I’ve never made peace with the amount of power and free reign of those who abuse power and others.  I am talking about on a large scale, genocide, and on a personal scale, simply doing wrong and damaging another in the process.  As a parent, I have limits yet I will do what I can to protect my child at all times.  Although I will let her grow, I would not sit back when she is overmatched and watch her struggle, whether with a school bully or a larger threat.

A god based on energy is not an intellectual god that is sitting back as I or others struggle.  Rather, energy is a resource and the vessel for the resource can either used for good or for evil.   My belief system still accounts for free will but it rejects an all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful god.  I am much more comfortable with this.

I am equally at peace with the co-existence of different belief systems.  I’ve never bought into their being only one answer (for most things). This helps in a world as diverse as the one I’ve grown up in.

Thank you for sharing in my journey.

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